Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More piglets!

Yes, Star had her piglets yesterday while I was at my RWA chapter meeting. Nine little multicolored piglets. I was sure as huge as she was there would be at least twelve, but I'll go for nine live piglets.

The chapter meeting last night was good. Susan Lute and Darla Lukenbaugh did a great job of explaining how to get "spark" into your writing and your characters. In other words, how to make the story have spark that will keep, you, the author, interested in the story even through the 4th and 5th edits.

I'm still reading books on mining so I can get started on "Miner in Petticoats" the third Halsey brother book. I'm getting a good grasp of the hero and heroine in the last few weeks with all the blog info at our chapter blog and last night's meeting topic.

I still have the talk to give tomorrow night at the local writer's meeting. Which I am nervous and kind of excited about. It will be a chance for me to see how well I can speak at a meeting and maybe give me more incentive to try and do something at a conference.

If you were to attend a writing conference as a reader or a writer- what would be a topic that would pique your interest?

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Nicole McCaffrey said...

Congrats on the piggies! I know how poor Star felt, LOL. I was always getting asked "are you sure you don't have more than one in there?" when I was pregnant. So I sympathize with her looking like she was carrying 12.

Topics... hmm. I guess any writing related topic would interest me, research or any historic subject (not Regency!) would pique my interest.