Wednesday, September 12, 2007

On the Lighter Side

All of a sudden I thought, "It's Wednesday, I need to blog!" I'm on a chat all day today as the guest author. Brenda Williams Romance Party Very cool!

And today is a multi tasking day. So far, I've blogged at MWVRWA, made cookies, and been on the Brenda chat, and blogged here all at the same time. I jut bring my laptop to the kitchen island and type while pans of cookies are baking. I also filled the dishwasher and have let Tink in and out a million times! I still have to eat breakfast, feed the animals and then after I do some more chatting online, I've been instructed to rake hay.

There is never a dull moment around here! I also received feedback from my editor on OIP, so I need to dig in and work on those edits as well!

Are you a multi-tasker? If so what is the most amount of things you've done at one time?


sagerats said...

Hi Paty! Multi-tasking...let me see... most days there is homeschooling, working, and online chatting. For work I am usually doing a couple of different things at once, handling e-mails and writing posts or ads. It keeps me busy!

Abiding in the Vine!

Paty Jager said...

HI Tia,

I think we all have such busy lives any more. And we have to multi-task to get it all done!

Thanks for stopping by!