Wednesday, September 26, 2007


This is a photo of the latest piggie to enter my herd. Her name is Marble due to her unique coloring.

I do believe the month of October is going to come and ago and I'll just be watching the dust clear and wonder what happened to the month!

October is a busy, busy month for me. I have a meeting in Corvallis on the 1st. Then I'm teaching "How to Write a Picture Book" the next three afternoons at a local grade school. That Saturday is our RWA chapter's one day conference "Whodunnit: A Writers Guide to a Working Crime Scene" my family is going from there to the coast for a day. Then I have a 4-H meeting, and the final day of teaching the 4th graders, followed by a day of judging 4-H record books and having another 4-H meeting. Then I speak at a librarian's conference, and have the montly RWA meeting and a meeting with the local writers group and all that before we head to visit our kids in Alaska! When we get back from there I have two more events and during all of this I have my edits back for Outlaw in Petticoats and have to continue with my editing job not to mention getting publicity out for my upcoming book reading/signing!

Do you think I'll be a basket case by the end of the month? I do!

So how is your fall shaping up? Busy or not so busy? I envy those that say not so busy!

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