Monday, September 24, 2007

Another Monday

I haven't had any "aha"moments over this blog, so you're going to get some ramblings.

I managed to knock out 4500 words on the WIP over the weekend. Well.... Friday and Saturday. I'm having a blast at the moment because my hero is in a sticky situation. He wants land from the heroine to build a stamp mill. The corner of her property is the only place close enough to his mine and with the right terrain and water supply to work. She doesn't want to sell. So he made her a deal to be able to use the mill without paying a percentage to him and his brothers. Then she needed tracks to get her ore there, he conceded, then she needed ore carts to get her ore there, again he conceded, then she found out the mill would be placed in the area of the creek where she and her children bathe. So he can't build the stamp mill unless he brings her a bath tub. The long kind that you can stretch your legs out.

So, he goes to town and finds out he has to order a bath tub. He has men coming the next day to start work and she's not going to let them work if she doesn't have a bath tub. He asks the merchant who was the last person to purchase a bath tub. It turns out to be a widow, fifteen years his senior, who has a crush on him! So right now, I'm writing the scene where he's trying to figure out how to get her bath tub without her thinking he's interested in marriage.

Am I having fun with this book? Oh yeah!

What kind of fun are you making for yourself?

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