Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Five- Random Sayings

Today, I'm posting sayings I've seen. Some make me laugh and some make me roll my eyes! Here they are!

1) Farm Hands Feel Better (T-shirt) As a farm girl married to a farm boy- I gotta love that!

2) If a man is alone in the woods, and no woman can hear him- is he still wrong?

3) Vegetarian - Old Indian word for bad hunter. ( T-shirt) love that one! LOL

4) Both can't look good- It's either me or the house. ( On a plaque my mom gave me years ago)

5) The journey of life is not about ending up in the grave a well preserved body. It's about skidding in sideways, looking over your shoulder and thinking, "That was a hell of a ride!"

Number 5 is my philosophy on life. Live it! That's what it's for!

Hope you all slide in while looking over your shoulder. Life's too short to not enjoy every minute of it and live it to the fullest!

What have you done that you can look back on and think- "yeah, that's living,"?


Debra said...

Hi Paty, I tried to write and tell you thanks for my books and goodies and I had fun with everything. Your email was returned. So I amtrying this way. Thanks so much

Lexi said...

Love the random quotes! As for doing something that I can look back and say, "Yeah, that's living", I've have to say riding an elephant in
Thailand. Actually, a lot of the things I did on that trip would qualify, but that's still my favorite memory of that trip!