Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Slowing down?- NOT!

I can't believe how fast this month is going! Yesterday, I finished up the workshops with the fourth grade classes on creating a picture book. I hope the teachers let me see the finished products. There were some very creative minds at work!

I have not written in my WIP for two weeks! What was I thinking when I started that challenge with Eli? My hope is to make November and December my writing months. Once the book signing on November 2nd is over then I don't have as many commitments. I am going to try and get a book signing in Redmond either at the new book store going in or the new WineStyles store. I'm going to wait to see if the book store gets up and running and if it doesn't I'll see if the wine store will have me. The one in Bend was very gracious and willing to have me twice! So we'll see how the Redmond store works.

I entered "Perfectly Good Nanny" in the Eppies and they are calling for judges. I wish I could help, but they need them read this month and this month is a killer for me with all that is going on.

Monday is the librarian conference. I'm ready except for knowing if they want the list of historical authors in the PNW to make copies before hand or if I just read it off and I'm wondering how and when they want the books I am donating. I have an e-mail into one of my co-speakers and hope I receive an answer soon.

Today is my only day this week that I don't have something going on. Tomorrow I judge 4-H record books and Friday I have a 4-H sewing meeting and my dh invited some people to go to dinner with us. So, I guess I should get off this blog and see if I can get some writing done!

Is this month buzzing by for you as well? Are you looking forward to the holidays?


Anonymous said...

Wow Paty, lot's of great blog posts the last few times you've posted. (I went back and read through them.) ;)

Yes, this month is flying by and it seems I'm not accomplishing anything but I really am. Ugh! I hate weeks like these!

Today, I spent the most of my time on the phone with my mom because she doesn't have internet access. I had to look up stuff for her and read to her about it. That took well over 2 hours, and then we talked about all kinds of stuff after that so, I was pretty much on the phone all day with her.

Then my grandma, who I've not talked to in at least a year, called me. It was a great hour of talking, but I cried my eyes out after because I miss her and my grandpa. I've been a very neglectful granddaughter not going to see them or at least giving them a call in the last year. What a jerk I've been. :( So, I felt so terrible that I had to call my dh and cry on his "shoulder" for while. He was nice enough to just sit on the other end of the phone and listen. LOL

Anyway, this month was supposed to be an easy one, but has turned into a super busy month because of canning the remains of my garden.

Like you, I'm looking forward to November and December for writing. On Monday I got a few paragraphs written for my opening scene, but I didn't finish it.

Oh, I did go for a walk this morning with my neighbor and I talked a lot about my WIP. We came up with some good ideas for one of my secondary characters, too! Woo Hoo! Love that brainstorming! :)

With as busy as you've been, I hope you're taking a lot of vitamins so you can stay healthy, especially being around all those kids this whole last week. That was so great of you to volunteer like that!

Paty Jager said...

Becky, you are a busy person with your family and keeping them all fed, clothed, and happy.

Thanks for stopping by!