Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Teachers have my greatest respect! I've always kind of put teachers on a pedestal. As a child they knew everything in my eyes. I love learning and these people taught me how to learn and find answers.

But after teaching how to write a picture book in three different fourth grade classes yesterday, teachers have even more of my respect! The kids were good- attentive, creative, and willing to share their work. It was the thinking on my feet- I'm a writer, I think through my fingertips! LOL And moving around, keeping the kids attention when I talked and finding something good to say about what they each wrote even when it sounded like a book I knew was already published, is hard to do.

And it isn't over! I go back today and tomorrow. Yesterday was just coming up with characters, and deciding how they would start their books. Today is beginning, middles, and ends. And Thursday is editing/clean up. And I'm supposed to go back next Tuesday and work on putting the words to the pictures.

Can anyone tell me why I volunteered? LOL Actually I'm having fun, but there isn't any writing getting done this week!

What are you doing this week that is different from what you normally do? Or are you stepping outside your comfort one this week?

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Nicole McCaffrey said...

Not doing anything outside of my comfort zone this week, nothing different. Just trying to get back on top of things after being under the weather. That's challenging enough, LOL.

I'm sure the kids are enjoying the lessons, they're fortunate to have this opportunity. Sounds like a lot of hard work but it also sounds really rewarding.