Friday, November 09, 2007

Friday Five

Here it is Friday! The week seemed to fly by and yet it felt like it crawled. As stated previously, I was invaded this week with family. Which kept me hopping but did little to add words to my WIP or get any actual work done.

Today, I took a few hours to write here and prepare a blog for the Petticoats and Pistols blog I'm the guest blogger on tomorrow.

My Friday five this week is eluding me. So I'll just write five things that pop into my head.

1) I am looking forward to Thanksgiving week because the dh will be hunting and I'll have the house and my time to myself.

2) I've learned that as much as it is miserable to watch your own child be sick, it is twice as hard to watch a grandchild be sick.

3) I'm tired of crawling under a gate to check cattle because the wire gate is strung too tight for me to get it open!

4) I don't like not being able to write every day.

5) I have four books to get read by the first of December for the Eppie(Electonic Publishing) Awards.

That's just five of the things racing around in my head.

Is your life slowing down with summer over or just heating up with the coming holidays?

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