Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I love it when the words flow!

Yesterday, I finally, after about three weeks, had a chance to get back into my WIP. Miner in Petticoats. I reread from the beginning to ground myself back in the story and reacquaint myself with the characters. I wrote 3433 words yesterday and hope to continue the flow today.

While reading back through there were a couple of places that made me chuckle- again. That is the best part to reread your work and still have it surprise or delight you. The characters are coming alive more and more everyday and hounding me when I'm not at the keyboard. This is a very good thing. It means I am really feeling these characters and hopefully that will come across on the pages as I continue their journey to find love and acceptance.

How is your week going so far? Are you ready for Christmas? Presents bought and wrapped? Goodies made?

I have book signing this Saturday, December 1st at Camalli Books from 11 am to 2 pm. I've been baking cookies all week to give to the people who show up and I'm thinking since it will be December and the month of giving- I'm going to have people who purchase a book put their name in a drawing to win a T-shirt with my next book cover on it. So if you happen to be in Bend, OR on Saturday, you might want to stop by! :)

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