Friday, November 30, 2007

Yep- Friday Five

Today my Friday Five are five things I've done this week to prepare for my book signing tomorrow.

1) I took posters to the Book Store on Monday.

2) I've baked, so far, four kinds of cookies. I plan to make sugar cookies tonight.

3) I've gathered together all my freebies I hand out. And made sure I have a good pen for signing.

4) I'm making a sign today to tell about the contest I'm holding during the book signing.

5) Picking out what I'm going to wear.

You'd think all I'd have to do is pick up a pen and head out the door. But that isn't me. I can't do anything easy- that's no fun! LOL

When you have an event to attend or be a part of do you go the extra mile or do you dash out the door?


Nicole McCaffrey said...

Hah! You know me, I plan, agonize, make lists, cross reference things and fret for weeks ahead of time, no matter how little or big the event.

Jennifer Linforth said...

Saw your post on HHRW. Thought I would stop by and say I hope your signing was awesome!


Paty Jager said...

Nicole, yes, you are almost the A word, you know Anal! LOL

Jennifer, Thanks for stopping by! I'll tell you all about the signing tomorrow on this blog.