Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Road Trip

I'm headed to Roseburg, Oregon on Saturday, February 9th for a book signing with the Celebration of Literacy event that city holds every year. I'll be at the Norton Brothers Book Store in the Roseburg Valley mall from 1-4 pm if anyone is in the area.

This invitation came by way of an acquaintance through 4-H. As a past 4-H Program Assistant, I met a woman who judged at our fair. Last year, I was asked to judge since I was no longer a program assistant and this other person was there judging as well. She asked me what I did now that I no longer worked for 4-H and I told her about my books. She informed me, she was on the Celebration of Literacy panel and wanted to know if I'd be willing to come to Roseburg. I jump on any chance to travel about the state and handed her my business card.

I received an e-mail last month asking me if I could come and then I followed up with a phone call to the book store. The only thing- I have to do all the publicity! YIKES! So I spent yesterday writing up a press release and sending it to the Roseburg paper and making a poster in publisher. I'm going to get copies of the poster made today and get that along with some book marks sent off to the book store so they can have some kind or promotion going on all next week at the store.

So that's what's been happening in my life. Just when I was seeing "The End" on the WIP something comes along and puts a kink in my writing time. ~sigh~

How's life for you? Anything good happen to you so far this week?

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Genene said...

Hey, Paty!

Connections are awesome! This is a wonderful opportunity and if your hubby drove you to the booksigning, you could make up the writing time!

I finally got my promotion files organized. Now I need to go through them and schedule promo opportunities on my calendar -- and still leave time for the other pieces of my life!

Hope the booksigning goes well!