Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday Five- Black Moment Blues

I'm not quite finished with the WIP- I had grand hopes of being done by this morning- but if all goes well today, I should be done by tonight.

However- I have found my Black Moment looking more gray. And here are the five reasons why.

1) The scene appeared much stronger in my head than when I wrote it.

2) Other characters and dynamics changed from my first inception of the black moment and when I actually wrote it.

3) The emotions aren't coming out- it's all action and not the gut wrenching feelings that need to be portrayed.

4) There are too many people in the scene- it is distracting from the real issues

5) I just have to push to the end and then come back and re-evaluate how to make this thing work.

So today, I hope to push to the end, then spend the next week reworking the Black Moment to my satisfaction. This seems to be a pattern with me. Always reworking the endings.

As a reader, do you need that gut wrenching black moment scene to make the end all that much sweeter? It you're a writer, do you have trouble making that black moment black enough to make the reader gasp and wonder how the characters are ever going to over come their problems?

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Nicole McCaffrey said...

I never like the BM, not as a reader and not as a writer. I hate the angst! The only thing that gets me through writing it is knowing I can bring them out of it.

I do try to pull in as much emotion as I can and really tug at the heart strings, but it kills me to have to write it.

I'm such a wimp :-(