Monday, February 11, 2008


I was thankful the weather cooperated with my trip over the mountain pass to my book signing in Roseburg this past weekend. I had some packed snow and a few icy spots, but the day going over was gorgeous sunshine and very little traffic. It was a pleasant drive except for the annoying blips in the book on cd I borrowed from the library.

The signing was okay. Didn't get as much traffic as I'd been led to believe. Although the mall was teeming with people, the literacy event was geared more toward the grade school set and the parents were so busy herding the children around they didn't take time to see other things going on. I was set up in a used book store. There was some traffic but most people going in there had a certain book or subject in mind they were looking for and weren't interest in a new romance novel no matter how much I tried to talk them into it. The author who was in the new book store across the mall didn't have very many sales either, so I don't feel so bad.

When I wasn't talking to someone or watching the people, I worked on the WIP trying to get myself through the black moment I mentioned on Friday.

The best part of the event were my host and hostess who opened their home to me on Saturday night so I wouldn't have to drive back the same day. They were gracious and very interested in my writing life. I'm hoping they will spread some word about my books.

As always, it's good to be home, even if home is a mess and my dh put me to work as soon as I returned. LOL

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Lauri said...

Hi Paty,

Wish you would have had more traffic at the signing, but glad the roads were good. I'd heard about your recent weather on CNN and wondered about you.

And why is it the house is always in need of attention when we get home?

Have a great week, and Happy Valentine's Day!