Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Five- a week in the life of me

My Friday Five this week will consist of my schedule for the coming week. Starting with tomorrow.

1) Saturday- I'm teaching a class at a 4-H Idea Fair. The class is on Methods of Baking. There are specific categories to place foods under when entering them in fair. I'm going to show them how to tell the difference. Then I'm off to our granddaughter's birthday party.

2) Monday- My 4-H sewing club has a meeting

3) Tuesday - I'm headed over the mountain to my RWA chapter meeting

4) Thursday - I'm on "Good Morning Central Oregon" at 6:30 am with Lindy Jacobs to talk about the name change of Redmond Writers to Central Oregon Writer's Guild and talk about the group and upcoming events they have planned. (We were picked because the two of us are the speakers for the February meeting).

5) Friday- I'm headed to a writer's retreat on the Oregon Coast. Woo Hoo! I have revisions to do on Spirit of the Mountain per my editor's requests and I'm looking forward to brainstorming the contemporary that won't let go of me.

And that's my week. How is yours shaping up? Relaxing or a lot going on?

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Nicole McCaffrey said...

I have an odd week coming up. The boys are off from school for a week for February recess. We all need the break, and they need the chance to get over the non-stop colds and chest bugs that have been coming home since late January.

While I'm looking forward to getting up at my usual time and working while it's quiet (assuming they sleep in) I'm wondering how I'll ever keep them entertained for five days when it's too cold to be outside.

So.. definitely an odd week for me.