Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The End- Two Bittersweet Words

The last word was written yesterday on the first draft of Miner in Petticoats. 399 pages! It doesn't feel that long. The characters were ones I wanted to hang out with longer, but had to finish the story. As with all romance stories, they found their happy ever after, and I left a thread to hopefully make the reader want to read the next book.

As I hit the save button, I wondered what am I going to feel like when I hit that button the fifth and final book for the Halsey brother series? How will I feel when there are no more of their stories to write? Relieved? Sad? Melancholy? The good thing is, I will always have the books to read when I'm missing them. Just like picking up the phone and calling an old friend or family member.

Do you have books you read over and over again because you want to visit with them again?


Elisabeth Naughton said...

Yep. I have a handful of favs I'll read again and again.

Susanne Elizabeth Phillips said she's not writing anymore 'Stars' books at that Natural Born Charmer was her last one because she's pretty much done everything she can think of with her professional football team. As a reader, it made me sad. I love those books and her quirky characters. :(

I've never written a series, per se, but the book I just finished is a connected book to the one my agent already has. I could easily write at least two more connected books and make it a "connected series" but I won't - not unless these sell. In the meantime, I'm working on another book which could conceivably turn into a series because I love the idea of getting to know a group of characters and reading each of their stories.

Good luck on your edits and congrats on 'the end'!! Like I said before, I'm jealous.

Nicole McCaffrey said...

Wow, we were totally on the same page with our blogs this week, LOL.

Saying goodbye to characters after a five book series is definitely going to be hard!

But I think it speaks a lot for Miner for you to say you were sorry to see it end--I think that's a definite sign your readers will feel the same way. Fortunately there are still a couple of Halsey brothers out there looking for love! Can't wait to see who's up next!

Paty Jager said...

Eli, I'm finding writing series books is comforting in that you already know how some of the characters will act, but at the same time it is like leaving behing a family when you know the end is near.

Nic, LOL, yes we were both on the same page this week. I can't wait to read WEst Texas Wind. hint, hint