Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Release Date- Finally!

I expected a release date for "Outlaw in Petticoats" in December- Didn't happen. Well, Monday I finally received my dates. The E-book will be out June 6, 2008 and the print book will be out December 5, 2008. The print being out a whole year from when I expected the e-book. ~sigh~ We write'em but we can't make them publish them until they want to.

The sad part is 1) I have several people breathing down my neck wanting to know when the next Halsey brother book is coming out. I'm almost afraid to tell them they have to wait nine more months! 2) This is messing with the way my editor and I had planned to put out the first book of the Spirirt trilogy and the next Halsey brother book. We'd hoped to have the Spirit book out this summer with the print in Jan. '09' and the next Halsey brother e-book out Dec. "08" with print Summer '09'. Yes, our goal was a book from me every six months. We may stay on that and just have two books close together. We'll see.

Spirit of the Mountain- the first of my historical romance with parnormal elements goes to my editor in March. So depending on the editing and production turn-around. I might be out in e-book before the end of the year. I can hope!

Anyway, Yeah! I have a release date!

And I hope not too many people are dissapointed by the wait.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful site--but one complaint. What company are all those lovely covers coming from?

Paty Jager said...

The Wild Rose Press is where I'm Published.

Thanks for looking Jeanne!