Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Five - My book process

Hmmm... I had several ideas last night and now this morning- I'm running blank. I thought about my five book series, but you all are probably bored to tears over me talking about my books. So instead I'll talk about the process of writing a book.

1) The first thing I do is either come up with a character or characters or a situation. Then I do what I like to call stew and brew. The characters start moving around in my head, having conversations and the plot(situation) starts forming in my head as well.

2) I do a simple GMC (goal, motivation, conflict) chart outlining those items for each character and I write down all the pertinent information that has been gathering in my head.

3) Then I start the research. If it's a historical I gather books about the time, place, and other things pertinent to the story. If it's a contemporary, I gather the needed information.

4)With all the stewing and brewing, I figure out the best place/way to start the book, and then I begin writing when that scene comes to me.

5) This is the new process for me. I'm going to write a synopsis before the book is finished. It's something I need to practice and have decided now is the time to do it.

That is my process when I begin writing a book. With the latest one I have skipped around. I still need to do more research, but I'm waiting for a person I need to interview to get back in my area. Once he's here, and I can pump him full off questions- I can sit down and start writing this book. That's something I can't wait to do! In the meantime, I'm polishing "Miner in Petticoats" so it will be ready to go to my editor when she asks for it.

So how are your plans shaping up? Are you getting ready for Spring Break, or just looking forward to warmer weather and more time to do things outside? If you are a writer, what is your process to start a book?

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Nicole McCaffrey said...

For me it's always what I call a "glimmer" either a character or a thought will wedge itself into my mind and refuse to budge until I walk and talk with it a while. Kind of what you call the stew and brew, LOL.

My theory is if it's a good idea, I won't forget it anytime soon, so while I'm driving, hanging laundry or doing other mundane tasks I can think it over and see if something evolves from it.

I don't do charts or graphs or write anything down, but when it finally clicks into a full fledged story idea, then I jot down all my thoughts stick it in my "idea" folder and hope I get time to work on it soon!