Thursday, March 06, 2008

Friday Five-Working out my synopsis

I’ve been working on a synopsis for a contemporary western- Not sure if that’s what I should call it as I only see that term used for category. And I never write anything that fits category. I may need to just call it single title contemporary.

Anyway these are the five things I’ve been working on learning to write this book.
1) An author I know has explained how a large(lots of money donated) fund raiser works.
2) I’m in contact with a bareback bronc rider to gain more knowledge about how they think and the whole rodeo process.
3) I made contact with a woman while on a trip who works in ERs around the country. I’ve learned more about the agency and how I can use this knowledge for my heroine.
4) This week on my RWA chapter blog, I asked some questions about how everyone goes about writing a synopsis before they write the book (this is a new concept to me)
5) I have the seven elements figured out and have written the first chapter, and may possibly write the next two before I tackle the synopsis.

Not that I’m scared- no, petrified might be a better word. This synopsis will hopefully be a selling tool and I have to have it written concisely and informatively so an agent will be interested in my books. So that is what I have on my writing mind of late. Writing a sparkling synopsis and first three chapters of a single title contemporary western.

Anyone out there have any advice either on the synopsis of any of the info I mentioned above? Like a good website to find out more about rodeo cowboys and how rodeos are run? I’ve been googling and have come up with some good answers and some good questions to put to my rodeo contact when we finally meet.

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