Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Redneck lawn ornaments

This is completely unrelated to writing- well, maybe not. It could end up in a book some day!
Our cows and calves are pastured up around the house this time of year. In one spot the only thing between them and my yard is one strand of hotwire fence, which keeps the cows in, but the calves sneak under. So most days I have living lawn ornaments. They have mulched and aeriated my lawn, cleaned up my flower beds, and yesterday, one decided to climb the porch stairs, look in the window, and then pee on my porch! My husband's quote, "At least he didn't leave you a pie!"

And on top of that one of the sows tunneled her way out of the hog pen and spent the day cavorting around and rooting up anything green in sight until my husband came home and helped me get her back in. Ahhh, life on a farm!

Do you have any good animals stories? Or escapades by your two legged animals?


Nicole McCaffrey said...

LOL sounds like my days with my kids!

No good animal stories that I can think of, just a dog that continues to outsmart me no matter where/how high I hide something he manages to get at it. And his tastebuds seem to be changing. It's no longer just meats and chocolate smells that snout sniffs out. Today it was eggshells out of the garbage (which was on the kitchen counter and I thought pushed back far enough) and strangely... half a loaf of bread. He's never stolen bread off the counter before, but today he did!

The rule of thumb around here is if the kids aren't acting up, then you can bet the animals are!

Cute cow picture, btw.

Paty Jager said...

Thanks, Nic!