Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Five- Writing Abbreviations

I thought this would make a fun Friday Five. I sent an e-mail to a non-writing friend talking about a writing aspect and used the usual abbreviation I use for writing friends. She wrote back- "Huh?" Which made me think this might be an interesting blog. So without further ado- Here are five writing abbreviations.

1) POV - Point of View- this is the viewpoint through which the story is being told. It is best to have the scene told in the POV of the character with the most at stake in that scene.

2) ME - When critiquing this abbreviation is used to mean More Emotion.

3) BM - No not what you're thinking! LOL This stands for Black Moment. The scene near the end of the book when all the characters are striving for seems lost.

4) NA - My friend thought this meant Narcotics Anonymous. What it stands for is Native American

5) GMC - I'm not talking about a car make. This is one of the most important things you need in any piece of fiction. Goal, Motivation, and Conflict.

And those are a few abbreviations. Anyone have any they want to add?


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Lauri said...

Hi Paty,

Hope you have a happy Easter too!

Let's see, there's also WIP, MIP, PAN, PRO, but the ones that catch me off guard are the text message ones that keep growing, IM, DH, ROFLOL, BTW, IMHO, etc. etc.