Monday, March 24, 2008

My Summer Place

This past weekend my husband and I moved a cabin we built to our retirement property. It was a five hour trip (usually takes 3 hours). The wind was against us and we used two tanks of gas! But we managed to get our 10' x 20' cabin to the property and set up by dark.

With my husband being a true "farmer" I'll be spending days there by myself irrigating the barley he plans to sow. The good thing, there is no phone or cell service unless I drive a few miles or climb to the top of our property. So other than irrigating, I'll have lots of time to write while I'm there. But that also means there will be times during the summer when my blogs will not be up on schedule. So you should expect some awesome progress on projects when I return.

One of the other aspects of this summer "vacation" I'll be using an outhouse and hauling my water up to the cabin from the pump. So in a way it will be research for my books. Living a little bit like the characters in my books. Although as you can see, I do have electricity. But that was easier than installing a wood stove!

The best news of all- there were buttercups popping up on the hillside.
What are your plans for the summer? Anything fun with the family or will you be like me- hoping for that day or two get-away where you can relax and be creative?

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