Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Five- Things I learned about myself this week

Isn't part of life growing and learning? That's how I feel about every day. I should learn something new. It might be something small and insignificant or it could be something on a grander scale. Looking back over the week and trying to compile of list of five things for today, I've decided to share the five things I've learned about myself this week.

1) I cannot start writing a book without doing the research first. I can't write a scene and glibly insert DESCRIPTION and go on. I have to see and feel the area to be able to write it and go on. After all even the description of something may have an impact on the rest of the scene.

2) I can tolerate cleaning the house if I do it in sections a day. I'm less stressed and don't feel so overwhelmed with the whole idea.

3) Though I can hibernate and not go to town or talk to anyone on the phone for days at a time- I can't go without chatting with someone on the computer every day- whether it's my CP Nic or my daughter Christy. (we'll see how I survive this summer on my irrgating junkets to Princeton)

4) I truly care about my friends, but I like my private space and I respect theirs. But when someone else asks them personal things, I feel I should too so I don't look unfeeling.

5) I've noticed that at least once a week I step outside of my comfort zone. Which to grow is a good thing. But it is very scary!

What is one thing you've learned about yourself this week?


Nicole McCaffrey said...

Hmmmm.... that I spend too much time on the computer??? LOL. I'll have to think on that one and get back to you.

Like you, I can't seem to go a day without my IM. In fact a friend just called and left a message earlier today and I'm dreading returning the call and wishing she'd just get with the times and get on IM instead. (You can't hear my kids fighting over IM, so that's part of it, LOL)

Ashley Ladd said...

Yep, life is about learning and growing.