Monday, May 12, 2008

Book Signing

Yes! It was a wonderful experience last Friday night at Powell's Book Store in Beaverton. There were eleven romance authors. Over half of the authors I'd met before and it was good to reconnect. On my left I had two paranormal authors, Karen Duvall and Vanessa Gilfoy, both members of my RWA chapter. On my right I had two historical authors, Samantha James and Shirley Karr. Both of these authors I've talked with before at conferences and when they spoke at the Mid-Willamette Valley chapter meetings.

There was a good group in attendance and the staff at Powell's were a dream to work with. We sat panel style and answered questions. Readers came and talked to us before and after the discussion.

I've already received an invitation to their next signing in the fall and if my next book is out in print by then, I'll be there!

Today is our 29th Anniversary! Here is a pic of my dh and our dog Tink. We three went to our property in Princeton over the weekend and had a good time.

What did you do over the weekend?

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Nicole McCaffrey said...

Congrats on the successful signing and happy anniversary!!

We had beautiful weather this weekend and spent a lot of time working in the yard, planting and moving flowers, cleaning off the patio, etc. It was warm, sunny and productive!