Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Five- Things I learned about online chats

Yes, I missed the Wednesday blog. Traveled with my daughter and her three so she could fit the wedding dress she is making for her cousin. I was the designated driver and child entertainment while she worked.

I was a guest author on two reader loops this week. While I didn't mind doing them, I picked a poor week for it. When I scheduled the chats I didn't realize how much time my company would take up. I figured I could pop on and off during the day. But that didn't happen. Especially on Wednesday when I was out of town.

So my list of five things that I need to do before and during my June chats:

1) Make sure to let the loops I'm affiliated with know about the chats sooner than the day of. Due to my company I completely forgot to let people know where I was going to be.

2) Decide ahead of time what topics I plan to discuss.

3) Get my excerpts in a file so I can just copy and paste and not hunt, copy, and paste. :)

4) Have a give away per chat

5) Make sure my website is updated. My webmistress was visitng and tried to get my website up to date from here, but for some reason my computer wouldn't add the changes. So once she gets home it will be up and ready for next month's chats.

Have you participated in chats as either a guest or a reader? If so what made you ask questions and stay at the chat?

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