Monday, May 19, 2008

Not enough hours in a day.

My dh and I worked from the moment we woke yesterday until dark. And we still didn't accomplish everything we wanted.

It has been the same for my writing. I have been spending more time on the computer and I feel like I'm accomplishing less and less. I don't know if I plan too much to do, or I expect too much of myself.

I have blogs to write, research to do, writing to do, promoting to do- and it seems like I end every day with more to do and not less. I'm headed to the library today to read microfilm from an 1881 newspaper for research. Since I'll use the gas to go to town, I'll also run some errands that need done. Though research will get done, I doubt any writing will.

Tomorrow, I have my chapter meeting which is three hours away. So I'll have that drive which will take up some writing time- though I do brainstorm and form scenarios in my head as I drive.

Even though this week is clear of everything but the chapter meeting, and it is only Monday, I already feel behind!

Do you every have this feeling that you can't get caught up and wonder if you ever will?


Lauri said...

Yes, I know exactly how you feel! I see all of your promo stuff and think "Oh, if I didn't have to work the day job I could do more things like that." But in reality, if I didn't have the day job, I'd have no excuse for my messy house! LOL
You amaze me at how much you do get done!

Paty Jager said...

Thanks Lauri, but you know, some days I wonder if all the time I put into promotion would be better spent just writing.

Nicole McCaffrey said...

Uh.....yup. All the time. *G*