Friday, May 30, 2008

Silent Week

This has been a silent week for me because my internet hasn't been working. Well ,it works in fits and spurts and if I didn't jump on here fast enough, I'd lose connection and couldn't post. I was shocked to see I had internet this morning and jumped on before I did anything else! My service is scheduled to come out here Tuesday and give me a new receiver so I should be completely functional after that. So if you don't see a Monday blog it means I couldn't get on.

Without the internet, I feel like I've been stranded on an island. I can receive e-mails, but when I go to send replies, they don't go. And I haven't been able to use the internet for research! But the good side is I've managed to get more writing done and other work.

So are you addicted to the internet? Or can you go without reading messages from friends and posting blogs without having withdrawls? Don't forget only one more day for my website contest. You can enter by going to;

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