Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Promo Wednesday

Not much happening in the promo department here. I've slowed down on the big push of promoting Outlaw in Petticoats. The next big push will be when it comes out in print in November. Right now I'm gearing up for RWA Nationals at the end of the month. I'm blasting out pages on the WIP so I can pitch it and have it ready to go if an agent or editor wants to see it. I'm working on my pitches. Glad my RWA chapter is having a pitch meeting next week. I can use help and practice giving my pitch.

I found out I give my workshop at the Historical Conference the Wednesday of Nationals in the morning. Which means I'll help with the literacy signing set up in the afternoon. That first day I have a pretty busy schedule!

I received a print copy of my critique partner, Nicole McCaffrey's book "The Model Man" autographed by her and I can't wait to read it again. This is a feel good, sexy read that you want to read over and over again. IF you don't have a copy you need to get one! You can download it electronically here or buy it in print here.

Another author friend has been raking in the good reviews for her two latest published works. Lauri Robinson's short story "An Unbelievable Journey" and her novel, "A Wife For Big John" are two feel good, funny reads. You can find these at The Wild Rose Press.

Anyone else have any exciting news?


Nicole McCaffrey said...

Well, thank you kindly, ma'am. I appreciate the plug! *G*

Lauri said...

I so wish I was going to nationals! Maybe another year. I do expect a full report on how your workshop goes!

Thanks for the promo!

And the exciting news for me is, of course, my son's wedding at the end of the month.