Monday, July 07, 2008

What a week and end!

Last week I cranked out 17,000+ words on the WIP and it felt good! When you can stay that focus I believe the words come easier and you can stay in the characters POV (point of view) easier. I'm going to try for 20,000 this week. I really want to have the first draft done by Nationals (end of July) and have the beginning of the historical sparkling so I can pitch both and send off partials if they are requested. Then it will be a sit your butt in the chair writing again to get the historical done and the fourth Halsey brother book.

Snippets of scenes and ideas for Clay's book (fourth Halsey brother)have been zinging in and out of my head. I'm getting a better feel for his character but the heroine is eluding me at the moment. Maybe once I settle on a name, she'll become clearer in my mind.

The weekend was the usual when we go to Princeton. We left when the dh got off work on Friday. Got to the cabin at 10 pm. Slept, dh got up early to start the irrigation pump, made breakfast, he worked on the wheel line mover, I edited, then we did some cleanup and unloaded the trailer we brought with us. Power poles and old fashioned bathtubs. We set the bathtubs one on either side of the porch. Then we unhooked the trailer from the 4 wheel drive pickup and went to the top of the hill and over the other side. We still haven't see the back fence that connects us with BLM. The walk is too steep, and we haven't felt like dragging ourselves back up out of the ravine after we check it out. We either have to get the horses over there or some 4-wheelers.

Then we put the mover on the wheel line, filled up one of the bathtubs and as it was getting dark, washed the dirt and grime off. The next day we put siding on a shed and built the roof on the porch of the cabin. So it was a good weekend. But I'm looking forward to this week and pumping out more words on thw WIP!

How was your weekend? Work or relaxation?

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Nicole McCaffrey said...

A lot of relaxation, but as it turns out, very much needed, LOL.

The cabin is really taking shape, it looks great! Sounds like it was also a productive weekend writing wise.