Friday, August 08, 2008

Friday Five- Agent do's and dont's

Since I am seeking an agent, while at RWA Nationals I attended several agent panels to see and get a feel for the various agents. My initial feelings toward them fall in three categories- too nonchalant; enthusiastic, savvy, fun; or all business. I'm not going to name names since they could find this site. LOL But let's just say I found more to be in the enthusiastic, savvy, fun category than the other two.

On one of the panels each agent did their own five things. Pam Ahern listed "Help the agent help you" These were her pearls of wisdom:

1) Keep expectations at your level - Don't expect to get a six-figure advance on your first book
2)Keep agent informed - let the agent know what is going on in your life and who has your work
3)Have honest, open communication - talk to your agent whether your happy or unhappy
4) Read in your field - Read the type of books you write to know the market
5) Remember agents are human too - agents can have family issues crop up too

Next week, I'll have Roberta Brown's five things to get unpublished authors noticed.

(The picture is out the window of the room I stayed at in San Fran for the conference)

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