Monday, August 11, 2008

Character study-Olympics

Are you caught up in the Olympics? I am. All my kids were in sports and it is something I miss. Going to events, the adrenaline rush of watching them, the sorrow when they lose or get hurt and cheering, so now I'm an armchair sports mom. I couldn't stay up to watch the men's 4x100 relay last night, just too tired, but of course with the age of computers, I just finished watching the extraordinary win. I watched the women's gymnasts overcome not only technical flaws but pick themselves up and give wonderful routines.

As a writer, I like seeing the character of the athletes as they compete and the emotions that are held at bay with a loss or disappointment or let loose with exaltation for a win. Even the interaction between team members says a lot about a person. So not only do I like to watch Olympics to see great sports, it for me, is a study in character.

My favorite sports to watch are swimming and beach volleyball. I think because my kids were on a swim team in grade school and there is nothing like watching someone power their way through the water to a win. And I like volleyball because I enjoyed watching my younger daughter play on school teams and a traveling team.

As a writer do you watch certain things for insights into character? Do you watch the Olympics and if you do- what is your favorite thing to watch?

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Helen Hardt said...

Paty, what a great idea. I've never considered using Olympic athletes for character study. But what a wealth of pure emotion they offer. I got goosebumps when I watched our men's swimming relay team win the gold this morning. I enjoy swimming and gymnastics the most. I also watch the taekwondo because I'm a blackbelt. But I can't do what they do, LOL!