Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday Promo- Talk Radio

In June, I participated in a blog talk radio show with Regan on the Air. I have no clue if it upped my sales since I haven't received any numbers from that time period yet. But it was free advertising and it was a good way to work on my PR skills.

At the RWA conference in San Francisco, I met Renee Bernard. We happened to both be sitting in a large room waiting for the workshop "From Midlist Hell to Lead Title Heaven". The ironic thing- no one ever showed up to teach the class. Those of us sitting in there waiting felt like they were showing us exactly what midlist hell was like! LOL

Anyway, I met Renee, who happens to host a blog talk radio show, "Canned Laughter and Coffee with Renee Bernard". Again, this is free advertising so I've signed up to do the November 4th show since Outlaw in Petticoats will be out in print November 7th. You can see all the blog talk shows at: And after the show, I can put the talk up on my website for all to hear.

Do you ever listen to blog talk radio? Does it seem like a silly thing to do or one more 'free' possibility to reach one more person who might purchase a book?

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