Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall, a season worth waiting for!

It's been gorgeous autumn weather here. I love the crisp mornings, just enough sunshine during the day to warm and feel good, and then the cool evenings. My favorite type of weather. The only thing missing is leafy trees to show the beautiful fall colors. I only have juniper trees around me and one large willow, but those leaves just turn yellow. No vibrant oranges and maroons mixed in.

This weather has me plunked in my chair- finally - and writing. With luck I'll have the first draft of the contemporary done this week and can get back into the western series. I've been setting up a book signing in the two towns closest to me for the weekend my latest book is released in print. November 7th and 8th. Should be a fun weekend.

I've become a home body. I have a couple of things I need to run to town and do, but I'd much rather stay home. My dh will have to go without Oreos for a couple more days! LOL He and Tink have Oreos every night while watching TV. They are quite the pair.

Is Fall/Autumn creeping in to where you live? If so what is your favotire thing about this time of year?


Elaine Cantrell said...

Hi, Paty,

The big maple tree in the yard of the school where I work has started to turn a faint orangy-red. I just love the fall!

Elaine Cantrell

Kate Rose said...


Part of my morning routine is fresh ground coffee and reading the MWVRWA Blog, then looking at what is posted on the individual member blogs. You guys rock!

What is the title of the book you are working on now? The last few chapters are set at the National Finals...

We've gone to the NF's every year since 2002. What a hoot! The event really has its own life force and personality.

A friend and I have done "seating acts" at some of the large rodeos in the PNW. The idea is to keep the audience entertained at the start of the rodeo while folks are coming into the auditorium. We use trained dogs and ducks or geese. The crowd loves the action and we are usually asked to come back the next year.

Looking forward to reading your book.

Kate Rose

Lauri said...

Yes, fall is creeping in here in Minnesota. My favorite thing is to take a drive along a tree hugged road with all the colors fluttering in a light breeze. I had to take a short trip this past weekend, just an hour north, but the trees were really breath-taking.

That said...I already miss summer!

Have a great day!