Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Five- More agent info

Today, I have the five things agent Jennifer Jackson said at the RWA national convention in San Francisco in July about what you should know about an agent before you sign with them.

1) Passion- make sure they are as passionate about your work as you are.
2) Open minded- make sure they are open to the same houses and career changes you want.
3)Working- that they understand the way you work.
4) Expectations - What expectations do they have of you as a client.
5) Responsiveness - Be upfront with how often you need or expect to hear from them.

I'm in the process of capturing an agent and these lists I've been putting up and studying the agents during the workshops I attended has helped me cut down my wish list a little.

How about you? Are these lists helping or enlightening you?


Helen Hardt said...

Yes, Paty, these lists are very enlightening. And so is that hunky cowboy!


Elaine Cantrell said...

I like the cowboy too. Good luck in your agent search.

Elaine Cantrell