Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Five- Agents

Yep, still working away on the five do's and don'ts from the agent cartel workshop at Nationals. Today, I'm posting Pam Hopkins five don'ts for unpublished authors.

1) Don't revise and rewrite forever
2) Once you finally let the manuscript go, don't stop writing waiting for the call.
3) Don't make entering contests a career.
4) Don't let critique groups stifle your voice.
5) If you get advice from an agent or editor, not listening to what they have to say.

I've known writers who have fallen in at least one of these categories. If you want to get published, yes polish your story, but you have to send it out the door before anyone can call you. And contests are good, but they don't always make a sale. I did #5 ( I took the advice an agent gave me) and hopefully soon it will pay off.

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