Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Five- Agent Thoughts

Yep, you guessed it. This is the last of the Agent Cartel "Five Pearls of Wisdom" from RWA National convention. Today it's Patti Steele-Perkins five ways for the author to shoot themselves in the foot.

1) Rant and rave online- the internet has so many eyes and ears, it is not a good place to vent frustrations.
2) Consistently not delivering on time.
3) Getting drunk at a bar and announcing deal points.
4) Using F U on copy edits
5) Burning bridges- relationships between the author and editors or agents.

That's the last of the pearls of wisdom from the agent cartel. If you've been following along each agent had great information for anyone looking for an agent or just stepping into the publishing business as an author.

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Helen Hardt said...

Hi Paty, it amazes me that an agent would even have to mention these things. Are there authors who actually do this? Definite no no's in this business.