Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday Five- thoughts of the week

I know lame- but as I kept running over this week in my head, I thought, this has been an awesome week even though I've not written as many words as I'd like.

So my list of five thoughts about this week.

1) I was on our local TV morning talk show on Tuesday. While I can't look at the monitor while I'm speaking while on camera, I do feel comfortable with the host and she makes me feel like a New York Times author with her confidence in my writing and her excitement for my writing.

2) I was also on a blog talk radio show on Tuesday night. I'd been apprehensive because of an hour long talk show I did earlier in the year. But this host had me call in early, we discussed how things would happen, and it was a lot of fun and something I will definitely do again. You can click here to listen to the inter view: Canned laughter and Coffee.

3)I stopped in to see if there was anything I needed to do for the book signing tonight at a new book store in my town. They were enthusiastic and said people had already been in asking about the signing. That made my day. I knew my best friend would be there for sure, but to have other people asking- is an elation that is hard to explain.

4) This week I hit the not so much saggy middle syndrome with my WIP but more the YIKES this story is hurdling to the end and I still have X number of pages I have to write! I instant messaged a critique partner and we hammered out another scene or two that makes sense and adds to the conflict. Trusted critique partners are invaluable!

5) My next contracted book with the Wild Rose Press, "Miner in Petticoats" was sent to a final reader to catch any typos and punctuation missed. She wrote to me and said, "I loved it!" I'm waiting to see what reviewers think because I have a character of another nationality and I gave her a heavy accent in the dialogue. But she wouldn't be who she is if I cut back on the accent- so to have my 'first' reader love it and not say anything about the dialogue- I'm busting buttons today.

So did something good happen to you this week? If so please share. I'd love to

Oh, and today is the release in print of "Outlaw in Petticoats"- hence the book signing tonight and tomorrow!


Helen Hardt said...

Yes, something good happened -- I hit my goal of 25K for the first week of NaNo!

And I think some of it's actually good, LOL.


Paty Jager said...

Congrats on making your goal, Helen! I had a less than admirable writing week.

Lauri said...

Wow! You had a terrific week! Good for you! I'm home alone this weekend and thought I would get tons of writing done...however, I stumbled across the Hallmark channel for some background noise, and low and behold, spent the whole day yesterday watching the "Love Comes Softly" series of movies, as well as the new "Mail Order Bride" one. Today I plan on writing!