Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wednesday Promo Day

Today. I'd like to welcome Wild Rose Press author Christine Phillips.

Paty, thanks for having me on your blog today! I'm thrilled to be here!

FORETASTE OF FOREVER is my debut release from the Scarlet Rose line of The Wild Rose Press. It's a dark erotic romance with paranormal elements about a heroine who is prepared to do anything to be with the man she loves, and an alpha hero who is so blinded by his sense of honor that he can't see his destiny when she is standing right in front of him.


Elyesha, last surviving descendant of a line of powerful witches, finally finds the only man she's ever loved, the man who deserted her countless years before. But Ben is torn between desire and despair when Elyesha, his only love, eventually penetrates his protective retreat. He knows what she wants, but the price of their love is too high. At midnight, on the beach, a battle of wills and erotic seduction ensues as each confronts the other's darkest fears.


I moved to sunny Australia from the UK almost ten years ago with my very own hero and our three adorable children. Over the last few years as I’ve actively sought publication for the romances I love writing, I’ve tried my hand at category romance, chic lit, paranormal and now dark erotic romance. I discovered I absolutely adore writing hot romance after my CPs told me I should give it a try! My mantra is Never Say Never, because I will immediately go and do whatever I said I could never attempt!

FORETASTE OF FOREVER is a Scarlet Rosette published by The Wilder Roses at TWRP.

You can find me at my website

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Christine, thank you for hanging out here today. I wish you great success with your book!


Helen Hardt said...

Hi Christina, it's great to see you here at Paty's!! Congratulations again on the success of Foretaste of Forever!


Christina Phillips said...

It's good to be here, Helen! And thank you so much for the congrats!

Cari Quinn said...

Really loved FoF, Christina...and I'm so looking forward to Touch of the Demon! :)

Paty Jager said...

Hi Christina! Your story sounds like a great read.

Christina Phillips said...

Cari, thank you! You've made my day!

Paty, thank you so much for having me on your blog today. It's been fun!