Monday, November 03, 2008

What makes a hero?

My DH and I watched an old western movie over the weekend. "LongRiders" with the Keach, Quaid, and Carradine brothers. It was the tale of the James and Youngers. The next day I started thinking- My first reaction to male characters in movies or television shows is to like the good looking ones. Then as the personalities are reveled my like switches to the one with the sense of humor. In the movie I first liked Stacy Keach's character, then farther into the show, I liked the Keith Carradine character because of his personality. When I think back, in Bonanaza, Adam first caught my eye, but Little Joe and Hoss slowly won me over with their personalities. And the Virginian. Who didn't swoon for the handsome Virginian, but you know, at the end of the show, it was Trampus I was ga-ga over.

And I try to put both in my characters. Good looks and the personality that draws me every time. I don't like the brooding, mean hero. He does nothing for me and I could care less to read about him, but you give me a man who can laugh at himself and smile while he's doing it- you have me hooked!

What kind of hero do you like?


Helen Hardt said...

My heroes have all kinds of personalities. Yes, some are brooding, LOL. And some are downright hilarious. But the one trait they all share is that they love their heroines with passion and purity, and they will move heaven and earth for her. Give me that, and I'm hooked!


Nicole McCaffrey said...

I'm a sucker for humor, so I'm with you. The good looking hunk may get my attention at first, but it's the guy who can make me laugh that is more likely to have an impact on me.

Lauri said...

I go for the personality, looks change, but a sense of humor and passion remain forever. Of course, the good looking hunk, who can make you laugh, and loves you beyond belief, that's the jack pot! (i.e. Little Joe Cartwright! LOL)