Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday Promo

I entered the first line of my WIP in Karin Tabke's "First Line" contest. It's on her blog it you want to take a look at all the great first lines.

This Friday I'm guest blogging at Nicole McCaffrey's blog. I still need to come up with a topic. Shhh... Don't tell Nicole!

On Tuesday I'm blogging at the Cactus Rose blog. There have been some great blogs on this site. The Cactus Rose authors have posted about some interesting topics. Also Tuesday night, December 16th is when they announce the winner of the Sony eReader contest. So if you want to get your name in the running, you need to purchase one of my e-books and get your name in the pot.

Next week Author Melinda Porter will be my guest on Wednesday. So be sure you pop in to see what she has to say about her writing life.


Helen Hardt said...

LOL, I won't tell Nic. Good luck in Karin's contest!


Helen Hardt said...

I was just over at Karin's. Which first line is yours?

Lauri said...

Good luck in the contest! There are some wonderful lines over there!

Nicole McCaffrey said...

A little birdie tells me....LOL I'm sure you'll come up with something great. (not too much pressure *G*)

Paty Jager said...

HI Helen, My name is on my line, you can't miss it. It's short.

Hi Lauri, Yes, there are some great first lines in the contest!

Hi Nic! Thanks for the pressure! LOL