Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday Promo- Elizabeth L'Inconnu

To Catch a Wolf
by Elizabeth L'Inconnu

Genre: Contemporary Paranormal

Available at Absolute X Press

When Victoria Powers is sent to investigate actor Adam Gentry and discover whether he is a werewolf or not, she does not realize that she is about to get caught in the same carefully baited trap as Adam.

Adam has his hands full fending off the amorous attentions of co-star Gloriana Striker. The redheaded temptress will do anything to get Adam in her bed, but the second he scents Victoria's secret, he is caught. Regardless of the temptations his new assistant wags under his nose, however, Adam does not want a mate.

Victoria does not want a mate either, for she has other secrets she is not ready to divulge. But with full moon coming, can they continue to fight their attraction or will they cave to their baser instincts? And will Gloriana sit idly by while the help makes off with her man?

To Catch a Wolf was fun to write and we will be hearing more about Adam and Victoria in the next book. Yes, there is a next book. I really enjoyed writing To Catch a Wolf, and as I worked on it I began to hear little whispers from Adam's past. It's thrilling when you realize that you have more than one story to tell. Adam's long lost brother began to talk to me even before I had finished Adam's story, and now Adrian Gentry is working with me on my next book, To Hunt a Wolf.

Here is a little bit about Adrian's story:

Adrian Gentry, along with his two sisters, are long thought dead by their family. Taken captive by a vampire when they were young, Adrian had thought that Adam had been killed that day, until he felt Adam's distress. Adrian now knows that he must escape the vampire's lair, even though it means leaving his sisters behind. If he can escape, he can find his Pack and return to rescue his sisters.

Badly hurt and malnourished, Adrian finally escapes, knowing it is only a matter of time before his master finds him missing and hunts him down.

When Natalie Cash finds the wounded wolf on her property, she tries to help him. Calling in the local vet to help proves unwise, but Natalie will do all she can to see the wolf nursed back to health, and as he heals, Adrian finds himself falling for his new owner. There's just one problem, Adrian has a silver bullet embedded in his rump and he is stuck in wolf form. How will he convince Natalie to have the bullet removed and can he do so before the next full moon? And how will Natalie take it when she discovers the truth, that he is not only a wolf but a werewolf and a man? Will she be as free with her affections for him then or will she throw him out to fend for himself in a world he no understands?

To Catch a Wolf is currently available at Absolute X-Press as an e-book and will be available in Print On Demand starting soon through Absolute X-Press via

To Hunt a Wolf will be released in April, 2009.

Further details will be posted on my website at my website, and on my Blog,

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Thank you, Paty, for having me as a guest today.

Elizabeth L'Inconnu


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Paty.

Thanks for having me today. Just two things I would like to add.

To Catch a Wolf is out now in print on Amazon at:

And To Hunt a Wolf got delayed due to my pc tanking out - twice. So it is now scheduled for a May release.

Have a great day all.

Judy said...


Excerpt sounds really good and I like the cover. Good luck with the May release.

Denysé said...

The book is great, and we are very happy to know that another one is coming from this fabulosu series. There's a reason Elizabeth is our #1 Best-seller at AXP --- she's written a fabulous tale of romance and edgy paranormal danger with this book. It's a winner all the way, so BUY IT!!! Great wit, great passion, and epic story-telling, how can you miss?

Oh, and did I mention one of the most wonderful authors it is my privilege to call friend as well as co-worker? No, well let me say here, I love her!!!


Marquete Williams said...

Victoria and Adam sound dynamite together!

To Catch a Wolf will be well received!

Congrats Elizabeth on your upcoming release in May!

Marquete - ox

Nicole McCaffrey said...

Wow, these sound like great stories!

Anonymous said...

Judy, thank you. Glad you like the excerpts and cover. I hope you will like the books.

Anonymous said...


Thank you. Big hugs!!! You have been a great friend and guide along the way, as well as an inspiration. I couldn't have done it without you.

Thank you for the high praise - I am blushing now. ;o)

Thanks for always being there, my friend. Love you, too.


Anonymous said...


Thank you so much. Aprreciate it.


Anonymous said...

Nicole, thanks. Hope you enjoy them ;o)


Christina Loren said...

Ooo sounds absolutly delicious! I will have to check it out and get a copy :D

Is there going to be a third one in the series?

Helen Hardt said...

I love werewolf stories, and these sound amazing. Congratulations on your success!


Angelica Hart and Zi said...

Very intriguing storyline. Looking forward to its release. :)

Anonymous said...

Christina, thank you and yes there may well be a third story. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Helen, thank you. ;o)

Anonymous said...


thank you - I hope you enjoy it.