Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Faves

Another week has gone by! Wow! Before I know it, it will be 2010!

Again this year, I've donated an item to the Brenda Novak online auction for Juvenile Diabetes. The auction is in May you can go to the site and check out all the great stuff that has been donated. My donation is the barb wire wreath you see here. We don't have a child in our family with diabetes, but I had the fortune to watch a young girl grow into a wonderful young lady through my 4-H work. She struggled with the disease. Some of the things her mom told me about the struggles has me very aware of the need for funds to combat the disease.

Good news! My Characters of the West presentation was picked for the Emerald City conference in Seattle WA in October. I love this conference. It was the first one I went to when I joined RWA. This is the presentation I gave last summer on the historical day at Nationals.

And along that line, my daughter, the clothing designer, sent off wedding gown designs to a company in Canada that is going nationwide with a new magazine and they picked one of her designs and want to feature it in the first magazine. To say she is over the moon is not an exaggeration. I couldn't be prouder! She's worked hard to work her way up the ladder.

Oh, and another fave this week- is CP's that come through in a crunch. You ladies know who you are and I appreciate your feedback when I throw something at you out of the blue and ask for input.

That's if for the faves today.

How did your week go?


Helen Hardt said...

Congratulations to your daughter! That's indeed wonderful news.

It's spring break here, and we're snowed in! That's Colorado for you. Have a great weekend!


Lauri said...

Love the wreath! I have a barb wire one hanging on the door to our sauna house.

Congrats on the presentation! I am so proud of you for doing all these workshops!

YAHOO! To your daughter! That is absolutely AWESOME!