Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Promo- Jannine Petska

Hello out there. And thank you Paty for having me back again.

Last month I highlighted my recent release CARINA AND THE NOBLEMAN. I now have a trailer for the book. You can find it at

This month I will tell you about my other two releases. I'll start with the short story ebook. KNIGHT'S DESIRE takes place in Piemonte, Italy in 1336. It had originally been written for a Knight anthology. When that project fell through, I immediately sold it to The Dark Castle Lords.

Here is the book cover. The scenery is located at Hever Castle in England. You can see more of it at

Now Available! KNIGHT'S DESIRE

In Italy, the knighthood was very different from England. I provide this explanation on the author's page.

The process of Italy’s history was complicated. It was divided by 1) city-states in the north and central regions, 2) the Papal States across the middle, and 3) the kingdom of Naples/Sicily in the south. Although there were certain areas of Northern Italy where feudal traditions prevailed, there was no strong or enduring set of codes and traditions, like those found in feudal Northern Europe. Therefore, in practice, Italy did not follow so closely those various chivalric traditions, codes and formalities of knighthood as recorded in most of Europe.

If you were a young woman on your own, how far would you go to gain full possession of your home? Would you seduce a stranger for it?

Baron Romano DiSanto returns home after his sire's death to straighten affairs. He never intends to stay...until a woman wheedles her way into his castle, pretending to be his maidservant. Soon he is torn between returning to his life as a warrior or giving in to an emotion he has never before experienced.

After her father's death, Mariella Rizzoli is alone and desperate to ensure the family keep remains hers. Past marriageable age, she intends to live out her life in seclusion in the only home she's ever known. But the DiSanto family claims the keep, and the mystery surrounding it drives Mariella to seek employment with the new baron knight, hoping he will sign it over for eternity. Her plan goes awry when Romano discovers her reason for being in his castle. When he bids her to seduce him for the keep, she will do whatever it takes to retain her home. But can she seduce the handsome knight without losing her heart to him?

To view the book trailer, please go to

KNIGHT'S DESIRE is available at's-desire.htm, as well as Fictionwise and ARe.
* * *

REBEL HEART had been in my head for at least a year before I was ready to write it. The feeling for the book started with a Bon Jovi song, Santa Fe from his Young Guns cd. Beau Hamilton is one of my favorite heroes. He's rough cut and feels as if he's lived a 1000 lives. He's no nonsense, and quite sexy, if I may say so. ; ) As you can see by the setting, this book is a western and takes place in 1872.

Rebel Heart

5 Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews "Ms. Petska pens a delightful read with well-rounded characters and great dialogue that grabs the reader."

"Fiery and passionate."
Tami Brady, TCM Reviews

Here is the blurb from the back cover of REBEL HEART.

She traveled West to marry the man she loves...instead she found the man of her dreams.

In 1873, New York City heiress Courtney Danning shuns privilege and position to follow her heart to the fledgling community of Santa Fe. Widowed the same day she's wed, Courtney soon discovers her husband wasn't the only man awaiting her arrival. The stranger's indifference makes New Mexico's summer even hotter, but what she keeps hidden might be the key to the life she's always dreamed about.

He was hired to guard her...but forgot to guard his heart.

Ex-gunfighter Beau Hamilton's past and present are shrouded in mystery. From the moment Leif Danning hires him to watch over his pampered daughter, Beau fights his attraction. To win her love, he must find the courage to expose all, knowing the truth might become his worst nightmare.

A range war threatens...

Struggling against their unbidden love, Beau and Courtney must protect themselves from everything trying to tear them apart. When the woman he's sworn to protect finds herself in the middle of a range war, will he send her back East and lose her forever, or will he do whatever it takes to defend her...even if it costs him his life?

REBEL HEART was a 2007 Aspen Gold finalist and is a full-length novel in both print (ISBN 0974624985) and ebook. You can order the print book through Barnes and Noble and Amazon. The ebook can be found at Fictionwise, and at Coffee Time Romance and More. The url is long; I hope it works.

If you'd like to read the first chapters of all my books, please go to my website at You can also learn more about me and see photos of my three babies, my Rat Terriers.


Carolyn Matkowsky said...


I loved your blog. Being of Italian ancestry myself (Abruzzo region), I'm very interested in Italy's history, but other than Ancient Rome, I don't know much about it. Your books sound wonderful. Good luck.
Carolyn Matkowsky/Cara Marsi

Maryann Miller said...

Love the covers of your books, and really appreciate learning more about Italian history.

Got to admit I love a cowboy and will go over to one of the sites to buy this book.

Susan Blexrud said...

Jannine, you're a busy girl. Since we're both enamored with the Frenchman on DWTS, will he be the muse for your next book? I can picture him in Medieval Italy. I think he's a shoe-in for the finals, don't you? Lovely blog, Jannine!

Phyllis Campbell said...

Jannine, you have some very exciting books! And you know I adore your covers. It's always amazing what I can learn from you about Italian history, too!


Anna Volk said...

Jannine, Great Blog! The Western sounds great, being that I also wrote a Western I'll be sure to drop by and check it out. Love Those Cowboys. The cover is absolutely beautiful.

Jannine said...

Thanks, Carolyn! I always love meeting paesani.

I don't know much about Ancient Rome, but I have many research books on it. I have plans for a book set in that time.

Thanks for stopping by.

Jannine said...

Maryann! You are so supportive, and I really appreciate it.

Yes, I do love a cowboy. I have several other historical western romances in the closet. When I'm finished with my trilogy, I plan to pull them out and revise them.

Thanks for commenting.

Jannine said...

Susan, are you following me? LOL

I'm way ahead of you on the Frenchman from DWTS. I already printed out photos and filed them away with a story I hope to write in the near future. I do hope he wins. That will mean he'll be around for the long haul. And I don't mind watching him dance every week, LOL.

Thanks for visiting the blog.

Jannine said...

Thank you, Phyllis. I'm always happy to teach you some Italian history, lol.

I have been fortunate with my book covers. I have loved all of them.

Glad to see you here.

Jannine said...

Hi Anna:
Where does your western take place? Aren't they fun to write. Love those cowboys, lol.

A dear friend of mine designed the book cover for Rebel Heart. It is so eye-catching.

Thanks for your comment.

guide-to-castles-of-europe said...

Another wonderful blog Jannine!
DCL loves having you as an author.