Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Faves

I now have my book signing junket for the summer complete. Not as impressive as a NYT best selling author but it works for me! Miner in Petticoats comes out June 12th. I have a signing in Bend at Camalli Books on June 26th and the next day I'll be at a signing/book fair in West Linn. Then in July I'll be two days at the Miner's Jubilee in Baker City. It doesn't look like much, but in between I have weddings to go to, and eight day junkets of irrigating in Princeton and judging at county fairs. If this summer whizzes by and I ask, "Where did it go?" You'll know why!

May 1st is the start of the Brenda Novak online Auction for Juvenile Diabetes. Be sure to sign up as a bidder and hunt down some good stuff. It's for a good cause and If you hunt around you just might find a barb wire wreath made by moi and up for auction.

I picked up my booster antennae for my internet at Princeton. If there is a post on Monday, you'll know it works.

Sunshine all week! I have been loving the sunshine and warmer weather. I mowed the lawn and watered the flowerbeds. The daffodil's perky yellow faces are wonderful to see when I drive up to the house. There's something about a flower in bloom that lightens the heart.

What was a fave of yours this week?


Linda A. said...

Hi Paty. I haven't posted here before, but I've met you through the Wesrtern Romance Writers' Yahoo group. Sounds like you have a busy summer ahead! Your books sound intriguing.

I love this time of year too. And Friday was my birthday! I had a nice dinner with hubby and then went to a concert with a friend. We're having a beautiful weekend here in Nova Scotia - the warmest so far. One thing you can predict about Maritime springs is their unpredictability.

Hope all your signings/events go well. I'll keep checking in.

Linda Atkinson (Jennie Marsland)

Paty Jager said...

Thanks for stopping by Linda/Jennie.

Happy belated birthday! I'd love to have you stop by often!