Sunday, April 26, 2009

Journaling all week from Princeton

This is a photo of Sami
I’m in SE Oregon changing irrigation pipes on our property for the week. So this week I’ve decided to journal everyday about life in a 10x16 cabin with outdoor plumbing and having to drive half a mile to pick up wireless signals to make a phone call and get on the internet.

I arrived at the cabin on Friday afternoon and immediately started setting up one line of pipe as per instructions from my dh. I had the line finished when he showed up and we finish hooking up the mainline- 8 inch by 30 ft lengths of pipe. Then we set up another hand line. We had fun watching a weasel duck into an irrigation pipe ahead of us, peek out see us coming and dart into another one as we went along hooking them up. He was cute.

Saturday, our oldest daughter, her husband, and two girls came to help. The five year old rode her four-wheeler all over and the two and a half year old, played in Sami (a Suzuki Samarai we use like a jeep). Between all the adults we managed to get a wheel line put together, take a trip up to the top of the hill behind the cabin, and they even managed some squirrel shooting.

Sunday we saw three antelope running up the draw behind our cabin and while setting out pipes heard the gug-gug of chukars echoing off the rock face. We finished laying out the mainline and made sure the wheel lines worked since I start them in the morning and will change them morning and night all week. I had one hand line to change in the evening after my dh headed for home so he could go to work today. Sami also saved the day as my dh managed to get the pickup and gooseneck trailer stuck and Sami pulled it out. Yeah Sami!

So stay tuned- tonight I’ll blog about my first day alone changing pipes and writing.

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