Monday, April 20, 2009

Not bad for a recluse

I have to admit, I LOVE staying home, only rolling into town to nab some groceries and hurry home again.

But I spent the weekend hanging out in Portland,OR. First, Friday afternoon and evening shopping with a friend. I handed her colorful, hip clothes to try on and she came away with one blue shirt that looks like all the other ones in her closet! LOL I couldn't get her to change her style or color habits. We had dinner in a crowded restaurant and wondered about the relationship between the couple at the table next to us and listened in to conversations all around us. Fodder for characters in stories.

Then on Saturday we rode the MAX transit system to downtown Portland to attend the Rose City RWA chapter Reader's Luncheon. ON the trip both there and back we again had some interesting discussions about some of the people we encountered. Especially the brave soul who admitted to the whole car he wasn't an American citizen, yet began preaching about America's salvation amid many people's protests. It was amazing how he kept his cool and kept on talking while others hurled unsavory words at him. Then was the girl who would have been beautiful if not for the piercings in her dimples. And the interesting older man and younger girl who appeared to be having a quarrel. My thoughts were father and daughter. When he got up and moved half a car length from her, she fought to keep the tears from falling.

The luncheon was held in the Governor Hotel in downtown Portland. The ballroom is the perfect spot to hold a romance event. The tall ceiling with ornate architecture is beautiful. The speaker this year was Lucy Monroe. She was fun and witty as well thought provoking. A book signing was held with a portion of the proceeds going to the Portland literacy fund. There were several of the Mid-Willamette Valley members there: Lisa Catto, Sarah McDermd, Donna Kiehle, and authors Christine Young, Genene Valleau, and Elisabeth Naughton. It was great to see an old chapter member Rosemary Indra who is published now. And visit with the many Portland chapter members I've met through the years. As always, being around other authors no matter what the occasion I feel like I get rejuvenated.

And was happy I left my reclusive life for a weekend.

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