Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Faves

This bronze is by Austin Barton and is called "The Sentinel" My brother did the patina on this piece and I have LOVED this from the first time I saw it in his studio.

Today my friend and I are headed to Portland to shop and then attend the Romance Readers Luncheon tomorrow.

Last night I met with a writer who moved from Portland to Redmond and is trying to hook up with a critique group. She visited with a fellow RWA chapter mate of mine at the Portland RWA chapter meeting last Saturday and Jane told her about me and in turn e-mailed and told me about Kimila. She's a nice lady who writes Romantic Suspense and short stories. I volunteered to hopefully help her find some critique partners in the area.

We finally had some sunshine and 60 degree weather!!!!!!!! I was beginning to think we were never going to shed our sweatshirts again!

Heard from a past 4-Her who is dancing with a ballet in NY. She is a sweet girl who loves to dance.

I had two AHA moments with the WIP this week and managed to punch out 40 pages. I'm at the halfway point and this is when the story starts really flying onto the pages. I would like to have the first draft of this done by the time my company arrives on May 11th. Because with three grandchildren running around I know I won't get much writing time!!

How did your week go?

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Nicole McCaffrey said...

Mine wasn't bad. Got the antibiotics in my system and am finally remembering what it's like to be a fully functioning member of society again. *G*

Got caught up on work for the ol' day job this week--I had really gotten behind. And I got to what feels like the mid-way point in my WIP.

Today there's a lot of errand running to do but for once, our weather is the same! Glorious sunshine and warm temperatures. Woo hoo! Took my best four-legged bud for a long walk early this morning and now I'm off to run those errands--it's so much nicer to do when it's not cold and wet. *G*

Have a great weekend and keep up the good pace on the WIP!