Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Wednesday Promo

Today I'm listing several things I have happening this month.

Starting Monday, April 13th myself and 20+ other authors answered questions on Ask an Author These questions will be posted one a week for ten weeks. If you want us to answer a different type of question, just comment and your name will be put in a basket and a winner week will be drawn. You could win books and other goodies provided by the authors participating. Here is a list of the authors.

Patti Shenberger
Paty Jager
Roxanne (RG Willems) Snopek
Michelle Beattie
Terry Irene Blain
Donna Alward
Sherry Lewis
Michele Dunaway
Carrie Lofty
Elizabeth Sinclair
Michele Stegman
Kelley Heckart
Elaine Charton
Shelley Mosley/Deborah Shelley
Kate Alister
Elizabeth L'Inconnu
Nancy Haddock
Jacquie Rogers
Phoebe Conn/ Cinnamon Burke
Ingela F. Hyatt
Bess McBride

On Saturday April 18th I'll attend the Romance Reader's Luncheon at the Governor Hotel in downtown Portland, OR. This event is fun. We sit at tables with readers and visit. There are fabulous gift baskets raffled off. The authors do signings, and we have a multi-talented speaker- Lucy Monroe.

I'm getting anxious for reviews to come in on "Miner in Petticoats". I shouldn't be so anxious, but until readers get their hands on the book, it is the only gauge I have for whether or not I pulled it off.


Lauri said...

Cool 'Ask an Author' event! I twittered about it! :)

The other event sounds great too! I'm sure you reviews will come in soon and be FABULOUS!

Paty Jager said...

With three Cactus titles releasing in June I wonder if the reviewers will want to read them all???

Helen Hardt said...

Sure they will -- everyone loves a western!