Monday, April 06, 2009


Yes, I'm shouting! We had beautiful 50-60 degree weather over the weekend and it looks like today should be the same.I've missed my Central Oregon sunshine. As much as I love the coast, I couldn't live there because they don't have enough sunny days for my liking. I like light. I have huge windows in my home with no curtains. I want the outside light in.

Yesterday I cleaned out the flower beds, picked up sticks and rocks my grandchildren and tossed everywhere on their last couple of visits and picked up bones littering my yard. We have two cow dogs, one of which can sniff out a dead animal for miles and like sot bring it back tot he yard to gnaw on. I've told my dh on more than one occasion she should have been trained for a drug sniffing dog. When ever I come from town she's got her nose at the crack of the door, and knows when I have groceries in the back! If she chases after something and you keep walking eventually you see her -nose to the ground following your trail until she finds you. You'd think she was part blood hound instead of Red Heeler and Australian Shepard.

I helped with a critiquing workshop on Saturday morning, It went well and the people who wanted to learn from it and form groups I think received what they wanted. I'm getting less and less nervous doing these thing, which is good.

I also set up two book signings for after the new book "Miner in Petticoats" comes out in June and need to set up one more.

This week is looking like a good writing week, once I get a dentist appointment this morning and a hair cut appointment out of the way today and tomorrow. Then I don't have to leave the place and can work to my heart's content!

How is your week shaping up? Enjoy the sunshine if you have it!

BTW: the pic is off Boots the Border Collie.


Helen Hardt said...

We have sunshine, too, after a snowstorm Friday and Saturday. That's Colorado for you... Lots to do, as usual. I'm determined to crank out 40K this month!

Lauri said...

SUNSHINE!!! Yes, I'm shouting too! We finally have some, and it's chasing the ice off the lakes!

Best of luck with the signings!

Love the pic of the border collie! What a life!