Monday, April 13, 2009

Writing ponderings

Had a relaxing Easter. My dh and I visited with some friends at their place out in the boonies. It was a whole lot better than our previous plan to hustle out to Princeton and set up irrigation pipes. After calling our neighbors and finding out it rained a lot last week there and the ground was so muddy we'd never have been able to work in the field, we opted to go with the invitation from our friends.

Last week was a good writing week. I hope to keep up the momentum this week. I'm kind of schizo with my writing right now. I'm working on the WIP as well as cleaning up the paranormal book I queried. Plus the other two projects I need to work on are hovering and irritatingly tapping my on the shoulder and asking when do I get a story, when do I get a story.

For now the WIP is in a good spot, one that has me anxious to write every day. The first realization for the characters of how strong their feelings are running for one another. This is my favorite part. When they get sucker punched. LOL Because from here on out in the book they express their feelings, but have obstacles to overcome for their HEA.

Be sure to stop by on Wednesday. Lauri Robinson is my guest blogger and you don't want to miss info about her newest release, "An April to Remember". It's a great read!

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Nicole McCaffrey said...

I'll be sure to stop back and visit with Lauri tomororw.

LOL love that line about your characters tapping you on the shoulder. So true!