Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Promo- Lauri Robinson

Today I have the pleasure of spotlighting an author I met through our publisher, The Wild Rose Press. Lauri writes westerns for the Cactus line, but her April release is from the American Rose line.

She has become my idol as she owns a red Mustang convertible- my dream car! LOL

Here is info about Lauri and her newest release: An April to Remember. (Which is a very good read.)

Bio: Lauri Robinson lives in Minnesota with her real life romance hero. They have three children, four grandchildren, and two grand dogs. Her favorite genre to write is western/historical romance. She has five stories published with The Wild Rose Press, Mail Order Husband, A Wife for Big John, An Unbelievable Journey, Shotgun Bride-The Quinter Brides Book One, and An April to Remember. Her 2009 releases include Rancher McBride, Doctor McBride, Sheriff McBride—Lawmen and Outlaw Anthology, and Badland Bride-The Quinter Brides Book Two.

1) Why do you write romance stories?

Because I am a hopeless romantic. I love once upon a time and happily ever after stories. I never get tired of listening to Elvis Presley love songs, and I can sit for hours listening to senior citizens tell how they met and remained married to each other for decades. Several years ago my husband challenged me to write one, because as he put it, “You’ve read so many of them,” so I did, and have loved every minute of it.

2) What things inspire you to write a story?

Oh, gosh, just about everything—a song, a joke, a unique piece of history, a landmark, or some other tidbit of information. For An April to Remember it was when we were in Memphis and a riverboat tour guide told us about the historic Sultana. I couldn’t get the ship out of my mind and knew I had to create a love story to take place on the ship's final voyage.

3) Your stories are full of quirky characters and fun wit. Do you draw from colorful people around you or do you have a closet full of imaginary friends who you bring to life on paper?

Thanks! I love unique people. The quirkier they are, the more I love them. So, yes, some things in my stories are real, whether it be something someone said, did, or their overall personality. However, I can’t say any one character has been solely based on one person, more like a combination of several. That said, the second part of your question is true as well. I have a plethora of characters in my head that are scrambling to get out. It’s usually the one that shouts the loudest who gets their story written next. That really happened while I was writing Shotgun Bride-The Quinter Brides Book One, before I was finished with the story, the second Quinter brother was screaming at me to tell his story. Therefore, Badland Bride-The Quinter Brides Book Two, will be released in November.

As I said above, when I heard about the Sultana, I knew I had to write, An April to Remember. Here is the back blurb and a short excerpt.


April Simonson hated men—all men. They were cruel, sinful beasts. Her disfigured face was proof. That is until she met Jerek Brinkley. Then, as the revered Sultana explodes, April falls into the dark, muddy waters of the Mississippi River terrified she’ll never see the light of day or the handsome riverboat gambler again.

Jerek Brinkley fought hell and high water to save the northern vixen who’d won his heart with her card tricks, only to fear Allan Pinkerton’s arrival in Memphis might reveal secrets he’s not ready for her to know.

Based on history’s greatest maritime disaster, An April to Remember, sprinkled with real facts and events, revives the Sultana, a Civil War riverboat whose death toll surpassed the Titanic’s, and offers a new twist on what might have happened that fateful night in 1865.


April counted as her fingers secretly searched. Unnoticed, she pulled cards from the top, bottom, and center of the deck. In a straight row, one at a time and face up, ace through ten, all spades, landed in front of the man.

Bored, she waited for the ooh’s and ahh’s to pause before asking, “Mrs. Hanson, what is your favorite card?”

“Oh, my,” Abigail fluttered her lashes, “I don’t know, I’ve never thought of it, but my favorite number is seven.”

“My favorite card is the queen of hearts,” Jerek Brinkley leaned his head toward her.

Her neck muscles tightened against the way his husky voice tingled her spine. With a false smile, she tossed four sevens one on top of the other in front of the woman. Skipping her brother she looked at her niece. “I think three’s are in order for Miss Suzie, since she is three years old.”

“Yes! Free!” Suzie squealed as four three’s landed beside her pony.

“I’ll take the jack of hearts, jack of clubs, a ten of diamonds, an eight of spades and, let’s see, a two of clubs,” Willie said with an imitation smile.

She rolled her eyes and while her fingers found each card she let the queen of hearts float into her sleeve. Undaunted, she met her brother’s challenge with five quick flicks of her wrist. The table filled with clapping as the two of clubs landed on top of the others in a neat pile. April laid the rest of the cards on the table in front of her. The last flick of her wrist was unnoticed as her hands fell to her lap.

“What about me, Miss Simonson?” Jerek Brinkley asked.

With the tip of her toe, she slid the card across the floor. “Oh, I believe if you look under your left boot, Mr. Brinkley, you’ll find your queen of hearts.”

He pushed his chair back and others stood to see over the table as he lifted his foot. Face up, the smiling queen appeared. Jerek Brinkley leaned down to pick up the card. As he stretched back in his chair, he ran a finger over the top edge.

April blinked, trying not to look at him, but it was like catching a glimpse of a spectacular sunset, one that made her want to stare in awe.

His gaze met hers and with a sultry voice he declared, “I’d prefer she were in my breast pocket, where I could keep her close to my heart.”

You can purchase An April to Remember in e-book here or in print here

"Thanks for inviting me over, Paty!"

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Nicole McCaffrey said...

Congratulations on the new release, Lauri! It's a great read!

I loved hearing about what inspired you to start writing romance, what a great story!

Best of luck with all the upcoming releases!

Lauri said...

Thanks, Nic, and Thanks Paty for having me over today.

The sun is shining here in MN today, and I have my fingers crossed that I'll be able to drive with the top down on my way home tonight!

Helen Hardt said...

This sounds like a fantastic story, Lauri, and the cover is beautiful. You're such a prolific writer -- how do you do it?


Judy said...

I really enjoyed the interview. The blurb and excerpt is fantastic. I love the cover. Congrats on the release of your book.

Emma Lai said...

What a great interview. I love quirky characters. I'll definitely have to go check these books out.

lastnerve said...

Loved the interview, loved the cover and I loved the excerpt! I can't wait to read it.

Lauri said...

Hi Helen, thanks for stopping by today! How do I do it? Well, let's just say don't stop at my house without calling first. I need a few minutes to pick up the place since to me, writing is much more fun than laundry, vaccuuming, etc. etc.

Hi Judy, Emma Lai, and Lastnerve (love that name! We all know the feeling of hitting that last nerve!) Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you enjoyed the interview and book info. Be sure to stop by again, Paty's blog is always informative!

Becky said...

What a great interview. I loved the blurb and excerpt for "An April to Remember". It was interesting how April did her card tricks and making Jerek be last to get his queen of hearts card.